I like Earthquake so much. Don’t misunderstand ya…… The Eqarthquake I mentioned is not the Earthquake that you think off. It’s a name of the ice cream in Swensens. It contains 8 scoops of ice cream. You can choose the flavour you want from the menu. I already forgot how many of them all together.

I have 2 Earthquakes in Singapore. Yes, 2!!! Hoon treat me one and another one is treated by my friend, BT. I have 2 Earthquakes in 3 days time, so happy. Thanks to Hoon and BT.

I still remember the very first time I have this Earthquake ice cream. My sister came back from US and brought us there. The Swensens was located in Tanjung Bunga. I think at the time, that Swensens is the one and only Swensens in Penang. We went with my mom. I cannot remember why my brother was not there. Anyway, I fall in love with Earthquake from that time onwards.

Now, we can get Swensens in Queensbay Mall and Autocity. For those who like ice cream, Swensens is another choice for you. Ok, I will stop writing and let you all see the Earthquake!!

Bukit Panjang Swensens (or Bukit Timah?? I forgot. Haha.)





Suntec Swensens






Nice right? Go to Swensens and order the Earthquake now!! Hahaha, I’m doing free advertising.